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Learning Nugget Sampler [Name Your Price]

3 Pro Tips to Design Better Graphics

Looking for easy ways to improve your visual presentation skills?

Check out this Learning Nugget sampler, sprinkled with juicy tidbits of graphic knowledge!

This mini course covers hands-on tips and techniques to improve your design skills and have a bit of fun doing it.

Whether you're a new instructional designer, career transitioner, or just someone who wants to make graphics and visual content look a bit better, you'll walk away with valuable tips and techniques to improve your work right away.

Here's what's covered:

Tip #1: Use the right file type

Learn the key differences between JPEGs and PNGs—and when and why to use both. This is may be 101-level stuff, but the fun animated explainer videos and quiz help solidify the knowledge!

Tip #2: Remove backgrounds from images using PowerPoint!

Stuck with a JPEG when you really need a PNG? Learn how to use PowerPoint to remove the background from photos and illustrated graphics to keep your own in one place. Practice your newfound skills with a downloadable PowerPoint workbook! This lesson's a personal fave.

Tip #3: Avoid low-quality graphics

Nothing says "ugh" faster than a pixelated photo in a presentation. It all comes down to resolution. Zooming in or expanding a low-res photo found on Google is a surefire way to make your audience cringe. I'm not judging! But I AM advising on ways to avoid this, including pointing you toward a few of my favorite resources for finding graphics! ;)

Who's behind this whimsical fountain of ID knowledge?!

What's the cost of this course?

You can pay what you want!

Yep, it's a marketing thing. My hope and goal is that you'll love this so much you'll want to invest in some other Learning Nuggets and keep on learning!

BUT, know this: I've found it legimately impossible to cut any corners when I do creative work, so even this relatively free-ish offering is top-tier and made with love.

This isn't just fluff thrown together to get your email... it's just condensed quality learning that I'm proud to offer and think you'll love.

Ready to take Kaborzi Learning Nuggets for a spin??

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